Sunshine in my soul - LIVE (2010)

Spiritual- und Gospelkonzert in der kath. Kirche St. Bonifatius zu Nassau
13. März 2010

Alice Parker & Robert Shaw Swing low, sweet chariot
Henry O. Millsby  May peace on earth 
Heinz Lemmermann  All night, all day 
William Henry Smith  Ride the chariot
Wolfgang Kelber  Glorious kingdom  
Willi Träder  Steal away 
Rolf Mammel  Nobody knows the trouble 
Henry O. Millsby Lord, I know I’ve been changed 
Brazeal W. Dennard Hush! Somebody’s calling my name
Norman Luboff  All My Trials 
Henry O. Millsby  I’ve got peace like a river 
Wolfgang Kelber  Good news 
John Coates jr. Sunshine in my soul 
Moses Hogan  Lord, I want to Be a Christian 
Achim Fischer  We shall walk through the valley in peace
Joseph H. Jennings  Calling my children home 
Henry Thacker Burleigh  My lord what a morning 
Thomas Riegler  Were you there 
Harry Thacker Burleigh  Deep river 
Jester Hairston  Elijah Rock
Jester Hairston  I can tell the World  
William Levi Dawson  Soon Ah Will Be Done
William Levi Dawson  Ain't a that Good News 
Jack Halloran  Witness